Auditorium Building, Chicago

May 4th, 1910

(Who knows what that says) - James W Southwell, 3351 Polk St., Chicago

To: Miss Lois B Clapp, 147 Hanover St., Santa Cruz, California

University of Chicago Tower Front Postcard

October 25th, 1906

Well this does not look if (xxxxx) be from this (xxxxx) - BEJ 10/28/06

To: Miss Ida Jay Lov., 40 High Street Passaic, NJ

Auditorium Hotel, Chicago

Situated on Chicago’s most fashionable Boulevard.  Unobstructed view of Grant  and Lake Michigan.  Un-rivaled as a summer and winter hotel.  Within five minutes walk of the post office, the leading theatres and business centers.  Recent improvements made at a cost exceeding $300,000.


Field Museum, Jackson Park, Chicago Postcard

December 8th, 1907

Arrived safely so far.  Had a comfortable journey, quite (xxxxx).  Leave tonight at 8 p.m. for Rochester.  Arrive there 9 a.m.  Will write tomorrow. - M. S. M.

To: Miss Alice Mauro, 173 Beacon Street, Boston, Massachusetts

Michigan Ave., Chicago. Looking North from 26th St.

November 19th, 1910 Chicago

Dear Sister + All.  Received you very pretty postal today.  I think my cold is better.  Ed’s is he made me get some cough syrup medicine to night.  He is working now Saturday night until 12 o’clock, Sunday night from 12 o’clock on this week so he can be at home Thanksgiving night.  I wrote to the folks so wrote you there are well.  Love Kisses!

From: (?)

To: Mrs H. M. Lockwood, 314 Michigan Ave, South Haven, Mich.

Adler Planetarium, Chicago

Situated directly off Grant Park on Chicago’s lake front, the Adler Planetarium is a magnet of interest for visitors.  Its famed solarium reproduces the stars in the heavens and is a source of never-ending wonder.  The planetarium is the gift of Max Adler, philanthropist, to the city.

June 11th, 1939 Sunday 10:45 AM

Peg & I just put Amy and Miss B on train for West.  After 20 years, she is as sweet as I remember her.  She will try to stop off a night with us 2 wks from today.  Love to you & Aunt L. Bob

From: (?)

To: Mrs. Wm. J. Digges, 218 Laurens St, Baltimore Md.

Japanese Houses, Wooded Island, Jackson Park, Chicago


Public Library

The Chicago Public Library is located on Michigan Boulevard, extending from E. Washington Street to E. Randolph Street. The building contains 110,000 sq. ft. of floor space and has one of the finest book collections in the world.

Dear Mable

Send you a card of the buildings 2 see around here.  How did Don like to go back 2.  Bet he had a good time. I’d love go with him.  Don’t have much to do now so will just loaf around.  Write me all about your good time.  Don’t no nothing new so I will have to quit so good bye.  Your brother, Tony.

From: Anton B Bobac A.S., Security Watch, Bldg 2816 Sec 3, Camp Green Bay, Great Lakes, Ill

To: Miss Mable Bohac, Crete Nebraska, Route 1

Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain, Grant Park, Chicago

The World’s largest fountain of it type, built of Georgia Marble, a gift to the city by Miss Kate Buckingham in memory of her brother, who was a trustee and benefactor of the Art Institute.  At night colored light play upon the sparkling waters as they leap seventy to ninety feet into the air.


Thanks for the card; Hope you like this one: Come Again

From: Mrs G Blackburn, 1362 S Fairfield, Chi. 8 ILL

To: Mrs Leonard Cameron, R.F.D 1, Rutland, Vermont