Public Library

The Chicago Public Library is located on Michigan Boulevard, extending from E. Washington Street to E. Randolph Street. The building contains 110,000 sq. ft. of floor space and has one of the finest book collections in the world.

Dear Mable

Send you a card of the buildings 2 see around here.  How did Don like to go back 2.  Bet he had a good time. I’d love go with him.  Don’t have much to do now so will just loaf around.  Write me all about your good time.  Don’t no nothing new so I will have to quit so good bye.  Your brother, Tony.

From: Anton B Bobac A.S., Security Watch, Bldg 2816 Sec 3, Camp Green Bay, Great Lakes, Ill

To: Miss Mable Bohac, Crete Nebraska, Route 1